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onboarding program

Onboarding Program

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In designing a program that created opportunities for personal growth and career advancement, Synergistx developed an onboarding roadmap to orientate new associates to all retail departments within the organization.

adult learners

Adult Learners

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Features of eLearning and training present different sets of challenges when it comes to adult learning. Understandably, adult learning is unique.

elearning content

eLearning Content Development

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Implement a strategy to re-purpose existing content into eLearning courses and design new courses to bridge learning gaps.

software migration

Software Migration

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The software migration was a success! Training services seamlessly met the stated software migration goals supporting continued success agency-wide.

elearning development

eLearning Development

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The Synergistx eLearning development team creates world-class products while driving bottom-line results.

process mapping

Enterprise Process Mapping

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We often take for granted the small things that make our company successful. Make use of process mapping to avoid this pitfall.

learning solutions

Learning Solutions

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A large retailer needed a strategic partner to develop comprehensive learning solutions for their Point of Sale (POS) system.

technology adoption

Technology Adoption in Healthcare

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Our select knowledge of healthcare best practices, customized and applied with a 100% success rate, facilitate comprehensive end-user adoption.

emr ehr

EHR Implementation

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EHR guidance for medical groups and health systems. Leverage our knowledge and experience to successfully guide leadership.

Professional Development

Professional Development / Consulting

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Our professional development and consulting services provide insight and oversight to help you drive your business.

microsoft office training

Microsoft Office Skills Classes

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Our Microsoft Office classes are for businesses looking to empower employees by integrating the application functionality into business processes for greater outcomes.

retail time is money

Retail & Wholesale

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What specific strategies are you developing for your people to enhance the “customer experience” leading to each sale?



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Synergistx provides EHR strategical and tactical guidance for healthcare systems and outpatient clinics.



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We have partnered with multiple government agencies with limited budgets to provide comprehensive training events that increase productivity and proficiency.



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We understand the hospitality industry – the demands, hard work and dedication it takes to provide consumers a luxurious experience.

energy oil and gas

Oil & Gas/Energy

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Let us help you increase end-user adoption and acceptance for your software applications, safety and compliance programs, and proprietary systems.

education industry


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We provide education solutions helping students and educators optimize efficiency and productivity both inside and outside the classroom.

curriculum development expertise

Curriculum Development

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We garner information and insight from materials, research, and subject matter experts to develop customized curriculum that engages and empowers teams.


Custom eLearning Development

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We create exceptional eLearning in a collaborative approach from design through development to empower employees and drive performance.