Technology Adoption in Healthcare

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What is Technology Adoption?

Bringing new technology into your organization has the potential to increase productivity or reduce costs. However, this is only if employees make use of the new tools. In this case, technology adoption is quite important. We know that peer behavior influences individuals. You probably know this as the “herd mentality.” With this in mind, technology adoption is simply moving the herd in the correct direction.

Is it important to you?

If your hospital is implementing Cerner, Epic, or GE software applications and technology adoption is important, Synergistx has what you need.

According to our clients, Synergistx has redesigned the way people learn within many organizations. If reducing classroom training time by 40-50% interests your company, contact us right away.

Clinical transformation begins only when healthcare professionals can embrace and implement the use of new technology with confidence. Permit us to show you how our proven educational solutions are dramatically impacting the healthcare industry.

Being both efficient and effective with resources is vital within the healthcare landscape. Leverage our knowledge and experience to guide your team throughout the technology adoption process successfully. We have a wealth of knowledge in healthcare best practices, and can apply it specifically to your use case. For example, our methods improve end user adoption by overcoming employee change resistance and use of proper messaging.


Competitiveness within businesses consists of many factors. Actual adaptation and adoption of technology is simply the beginning. Also keep in mind the necessity for the conception and implementation of new processes. Finally, keep in mind the location and hiring of superior team members.  Companies, both large and small, can draw on the years of collective experience offered by Solo Learning in skills, people, and processes.

About Synergistx

Synergistx, established in 1999 has developed and delivered web-based solutions that are unsurpassed. Together with ExecuTrain Houston and Austin, the alliance proudly possesses over 45 years of applied learning experience. With our proprietary Prescriptive Performance Model, we can reduce your “time to technology” resulting in greater technology adoption and user satisfaction. We believe the diverse background and knowledge our staff brings to the table enables Synergistx to provide solid solutions unlike any others in the marketplace.

Do you still have questions about technology adoption, and its impact in healthcare?