Custom eLearning Development

Synergistx is an eLearning development company that specializes in providing custom solutions for organizations of all sizes. Their team of experts ensures that each project offers tailored learning experiences that meet customer needs and align with their objectives. Synergistx services provide a wide range of advantages, including cost savings, reliable technical support, and an end result that keeps users engaged. With Synergistx’s expertise in the field of custom eLearning development, organizations can effectively develop actionable content easily optimized for any device, ensuring greater value is passed on to the customer.

How eLearning Programs are Customized

Synergistx is a leader in custom eLearning development, offering tailored education solutions for a range of industries. Synergistx uses an individualized approach to developing each program, ensuring it fits with customer needs, budgets, restrictions, and preferences.

Custom eLearning Designs & Animations

Synergistx is an eLearning developer with attention to detail and a commitment to excellence with every project. Their custom eLearning designs & animations provide interactive and immersive learning opportunities that grab the learner’s attention right away. Synergistx remain the industry experts in creating videos that explain complex concepts or processes while breaking them down into simple and engaging concepts.

eLearning Courses for Different Industries

Synergistx is an eLearning developer specializing in creating engaging courses for different industries. Their staff of trained eLearning content developers are experts at understanding the core needs of each industry, then customizing course content to meet those needs effectively and efficiently. Synergistx is dedicated to helping bridge the gap between traditional education and what businesses need to stay competitive while providing their clients with a stimulating learning experience aligned with their individual objectives.

eLearning for Different Organizational Roles

Synergistx is an expert in creating tailored eLearning solutions for different organizational roles. Their eLearning developers understand the complexities of learning and development, allowing Synergistx to develop strong, comprehensive content that not only meets the needs of the organization but also makes learning easier.

Why Choose Synergistx for Custom eLearning Programs?

Synergistx is the ideal partner for companies looking for custom eLearning programs. Synergistx has experienced developers, tools, and resources to create highly interactive, engaging, and effective courses. With Synergistx as your eLearning developer, you benefit from our experience, knowledge, and skill in designing innovative learning solutions that meet your unique needs. Synergistx also provides comprehensive support throughout the development process to get a customized solution that meets your needs. With Synergistx as your trusted eLearning development partner, you can leverage their expertise to create dynamic, engaging eLearning experiences that engage your learning audience.

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We understand the importance of quickly taking advantage of the rapidly changing technologies in the eLearning space, which is why Synergistx uses the latest tools and strategies to create engaging digital learning content for all types of learners. Reach out today, and let Synergistx help you create custom eLearning courses!


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We partner with organizations across industries to design quality content and engage learners with innovative, instructional materials. Our goal is to to empower employees and drive performance. We create customized eLearning in a collaborative approach during our entire design and development process. Clearly, one-size-fits-all solutions do not provide the sustainably successful outcomes our clients expect and now enjoy. We invite you to view a summary our three broad-level classifications.


Level One eLearning functions as an animated slideshow taking information to an on-line platform. This level includes simply graphics and test questions.


Building on Level One interactions, Level Two eLearning includes more advanced animation effects and the addition of user-based practice events. Scenario-driven or simulation-based events comprise this level of development.


Level Three eLearning performs with high levels of advanced interactivity. Presentation of content at this level includes complex case-studies, scenarios, and simulations.


We partner with our eLearning clients

This ensures each of the following essential features:

When determining your custom solution needs, we evaluate a variety of specific factors. At first, our task is to become familiar with your corporate culture. In addition, we appraise your existing content to understand the desired learning objectives and/or gaps therein. Further, we incorporate this understanding and desired cultural fit, our team works with you to determine the appropriate level of interactivity and complexity of concepts required to achieve your goals. Finally, we ensure the proper combination of details. Especially relevant are the interface design, graphics/media type, and instructional strategies based upon the intended audience.

Look for these critical details when appraising any eLearning developer: