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Corporate Performance Improvement

Our custom Corporate Performance Improvement tools increase both the effectiveness and productivity of your emerging leaders. In this case, through a unique discovery and assessment process, our experts will create a strategy to develop your teams and drive organizational success. With this in mind, what is your strategy to empower your employees to be impactful leaders?

Likewise, how will you overcome some of the biggest challenges facing organizations today?

  • Lack of effective communication
  • Underdeveloped emerging leaders
  • Unproductive teams
  • High employee turnover
  • Insufficient succession management

MySource = LifeSkills

Finally, your one-stop solution for corporate performance improvement is here!

People | Process | Technology

MySource content library provides on-demand access on a variety of leadership titles, as well as Microsoft Office quick reference guides.

It provides both concise and targeted learning events.  Equally important, you experience quick delivery, easy comprehension, and practical use.

MySource at a Glance

  • Over 1,000 micro-learning events
  • Developed by industry experts
  • Unlimited company-wide access 24/7
  • Unlimited printing of quick reference guides
  • Available on all devices
  • Professional and personal development

High-Performance Organization Tools

Benefits of a High-Performance Organization

  • Strong financial results
  • Satisfied customers
  • Satisfied employees
  • High levels of individual initiative, productivity, and innovation

When you are part of a high-performance team, work is exciting. Equally important, you meet challenges with optimism and enthusiasm. As a result, you feel a great sense of belonging and comradery. In the long run, you accomplish targeted goals, and success is the reward.

A High-Performance Organization

  • Achieves sustained growth
  • Adapts to change quickly 
  • Aligns strategy, structure, processes, and people
  • Focuses on improving
  • Commits to developing its workforce
  • Understands the necessity of proper onboarding

In essence, improve your sustainable organizational performance.

Emotional Intelligence Tools

In order to cultivate trust, promote critical thinking, and accelerate productivity – increase your emotional intelligence.


EQ Tools

Synergistx offers the market-leading, emotional intelligence solution. This solution – specifically designed for executives, senior leaders, managers, and individual contributors  – integrates a powerful, validated assessment with a high-impact training workshop. This innovative tool accelerates the development of five critical emotional intelligence skills in order to create measurable career and business impact.

In other words, drive individual engagement and accountability. 


Psychological Safety

Psychological safety (noun) – is a shared belief that the team is safe to discuss ideas, experiment, and take risks, while learning from mistakes.

For a team, psychological safety starts with the leader. Learning to lead your team properly has a positive effect, impacting your team and the entire organization.

Harness team innovation, creativity, and of course risk-taking.


Assessment Tools

Accelerate and also sustain positive behavioral change in 90 days or less. Use individual heat maps as well as group results for detailed insight. 

Synergistx Learning Management (LMS)

In short, the Synergistx Learning Management (LMS) allows organizations to manage all aspects of learning and development.

Our LMS helps you manage, plan, as well as deliver learning needs within your organization – all from one central source. Consequently, the technology of the product increases the growth, quality of work, and productivity of the organization.

  • Explicit learning paths to guide users
  • Training management and logistics
  • Ad-hoc reporting for powerful analytics
  • Recognition and rewards
  • Progression dashboards
  • Intuitive navigation to remove tool-based boundaries 
  • Zero end user training required
  • Integrated third-party content
  • Single sign-on
  • Available either hosted or behind your firewall
  • Thirty plus years of LMS expertise, and more…

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