eLearning Development

elearning development

bSynergistx’s custom Quality Assurance Process and Prescriptive Performance Model define the process for designing and developing high quality learning modules. Our eLearning development process delivers stunning results.

The Synergistx development team specializes in working with clients to create world-class products that represent the client’s company, culture, as well as brand. Additionally, we bring a new dimension to learning that drive bottom-line results.

Dedicated to Your eLearning Development Needs

Our experienced teams help you both analyze and clarify your business objectives. Every custom solution begins with defining and understanding the target audience, company culture, initiatives, and desired results.

Transforming a storyboard, script, or manual into eLearning modules involves more than a simple cut-and-paste process. The Synergistx team develops and transforms your content from static text into high-impact multimedia presentations. In doing so, we enhance adoption and retention of the information.

Organizations around the world are experiencing new levels of productivity and opportunity because of our eLearning programs. By creating a definitive strategy, we help clients obtain a higher return on technology assets. Additionally, we assist companies in serving their own customers better and improving employee retention.

Your company can experience the same results.

We invite you to view samples of our customized eLearning products or to learn more about our instructional system design, custom eLearning development, or our quality assurance system.

Our custom eLearning development solutions

  • Accelerate business application adoption as well as skills development
  • Allow employees to quickly achieve new levels of performance and opportunity
  • Provide an interactive and custom interface and user experience
  • Integrate various forms of media and animation
  • Focus on business drivers, performance goals, and solutions to enhance performance and opportunity
  • Meet varying skill and experience needs
  • Include extensive selection of professional voice-over options
  • Incorporate design for ease in updating and maintaining
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