Restricted flexibility and budget constraints present problems to government agencies when it comes to driving performance and opportunity. Nonetheless, government agencies must still operate with the same efficient edge as any organization in the private sector. Doing more with less has become the norm.

Government Solutions

Seasoned professionals at Synergistx have partnered with multiple government agencies, many on limited budgets, to provide comprehensive training events that increase not only productivity but proficiency as well. In addition to practical instruction in application functionality, Synergistx further customizes training that uniquely targets desired outcomes. Streamlined, cost-effective solutions help leverage limited budgets while maintaining flexibility. Meeting the specific needs of each client has always been our privilege and our priority.

Strategic Partnership Solutions:

  • Tools that allow for increased information sharing and knowledge advancement in a time-efficient manner
  • Systems for compliance tracking and accurate record keeping
  • Programs aimed at new-hire orientation or onboarding
  • Leadership training for new and existing managers
  • Training programs to improve communications
  • Training programs to develop and motivate individuals

Productivity Vs. Efficiency

Productivity is simply a measurement of output over a set unit of time, but it does not look at any input. This is to say it uses raw data based on quantity alone. Efficiency on the other hand deals with quality. It is a comparison of productivity to resources such as time or money. In other words, it is the ability to do more with less, something companies and in particular government agencies require.

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