Software Migration

software migration

Software Migration Situation

A large government agency in Houston, Texas, had plans to modernize and migrate to an updated version of Microsoft Office. Leading the software migration, the Help Desk team wanted to develop a plan that ensured employees were familiar with the new software without experiencing any decreased productivity. The agency sought to partner with Synergistx for a solution that would capture features and functionality of the software. In addition, the solution needed to provide powerful, easily accessible information to all employees at and away from the office.


Synergistx partnered with the agency to deliver a blended solution using quick reference cards (QRCs). These tailored quick reference cards were comprehensive, concise, user-friendly learning aids. They provided step-by-step instructions, shortcuts, and tips on the most mission critical data. The QRCs also provided information on all the new features and functionality within Microsoft Office imperative to the agency. Equally important, the quick reference cards helped employees increase their productivity, retention, and expertise on techniques and useful tools within Microsoft Office. Replacing traditional manuals, the QRCs permitted the organization to save significant costs on production. At the same time, they facilitated easy user implementation and saved consequential time for the company and employees.

Synergistx also implemented an online tool to help manage the requirement for providing important information regarding specific job functions. This online feature also allowed appropriate access to information concerning changes, tasks, processes, and marketing materials. A shortcut to the application, installed on the desktop of every employee’s PC, gave access to training and support material in seconds. In short, the process allowed individuals to create customized quick reference cards in seconds from anywhere with internet access. Users could access standard content as well as company-specific, proprietary information. Additionally, employees could convert the content to PDF format, email the content, or print it out.


The software migration to Microsoft Office was highly successful for the agency. Employees saved time and increased productivity by learning new features and functionality directly from their desktops. No travel or time off required. Our knowledge management solution provided employees the means to quickly create or access critical data. Additionally, the quick reference cards allowed employees to assimilate critical information while choosing the topics they wanted to learn at the touch of a button. The training services effectively and seamlessly met the stated software migration goals supporting continued success within the agency.

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