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Learning Solutions Situation

A large Texas-based retailer, with locations in thirteen states, sought a strategic partner to develop a comprehensive training solution. Specifically, the company needed select training on the policies and functionality of their Point of Sale (POS) system. When faced with an upgrade to the interface for their POS system, the retailer found it a perfect opportunity to re-evaluate POS system training delivery. With this in mind, Synergistx responded and engaged, ready to assist with a relevant, viable learning solution.


Initially, Synergistx conducted a learning analysis on existing materials and methods utilized to train employees on the POS system. In addition, Synergistx observed employees performing cashier duties and met with company personnel to identify best practices for cashiers.

Learning Solutions

After completing all applicable reviews, observations, and meetings, Synergistx proposed a blended training solution for customer service cashiers and team leaders. This tailored solution included a manual, hands-on training, and practice activities.

The new training manual integrated step-by-step instructions for using the POS system with replicated screens of the POS system, photos of additional equipment used by cashiers, photos of cashiers completing various tasks, and the reproduction of key documents used by cashiers.

Using the hands-on activities in the manual, new employees completed the basic activities associated with handling a customer transaction. Cashiers started the training process by locating items in the store and taking them to the cash register specified for training. Next, employees accessed the POS system and scanned items as they would for a normal transaction. Then, each employee walked through the various payment methods. During the program, employees also learned about other special transaction processes such as refunds, exchanges, monitoring cash in registers, bank deposits, as well as opening and closing the store.

This training solution, successfully deployed throughout the organization, effectively achieved the company’s desired outcome. Employees, equipped

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