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Microsoft Office in the Workplace

Have you ever stopped to wonder how much of Microsoft Office you don’t use because you don’t know how to use it? An estimated 5 million people use Microsoft Office. However, the average users are only familiar with 10 percent of its features.

Most of today’s workforce can open and create a Microsoft Word document. However, Microsoft Office or Office 365 suite provides the workplace with significantly more tools to create, analyze and present.

We kept this in mind with our Microsoft training classes. These classes are the perfect resource for small to medium-sized businesses. Those seeking to empower their employees with new skills for everyday business processes. Our Microsoft (MS) Office training courses help develop your team’s fundamental understanding of the most useful technological tools available to them.

MS Office Training for Employee Productivity

We have spent the last 30 years addressing both business and individual needs in relation to topics such as growth, organizational compliance, productivity gains, and opportunity creation. With this in mind, we offer courses specifically designed to increase knowledge in utilizing MS Office (or Office 365).

We know with the current economic state, many training budgets are limited, or have been completely placed on hold, due to the current economic state. Synergistx solutions provide a complete set of tools that minimally affect budgets. This allows companies to continue providing essential tools for operational success.

Professionals Teaching Professionals

In today’s business world we recognize the value of credibility. The Synergistx team is part of the Microsoft Certified Partners for Learning Solutions (CPLS). In fact, we have received multiple honors as a Top 20 Training Company for global IT and business skills by

Interested in Microsoft Office Skills Training Classes?

With our 30 year history providing successful MS Office Training for Productivity courses benefiting administrative assistants to top executives, we assure you this is one worthwhile investment.

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