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Developing innovative, effective leaders.
Through customized eLearning programs & courses, our leadership development services facilitate personal and corporate performance improvement. Likewise, our Custom eLearning Development services provide tactical and strategic solutions.

professional development

Professional Development Training

The benefits of leadership development are significant.

For over thirty years, we have provided corporate performance solutions that drive business results.

custom elearning

Custom eLearning Development

Each custom online learning develop project begins with a comprehensive discovery process to clearly identify the learning objective, desired audience, content lifecycle and more in order to design solutions that accurately and comprehensively train and support.

About Us

Corporate Performance Improvement Partners

Synergistx is a learning and development organization specializing in healthcare as well as diversified other fields of knowledge. Our focus is to help organizations achieve greater results through more productive and synergistic teams. Our mission is to help you facilitate better patient outcomes through your most valuable assets — your people.

Since our founding in 2002, we have maintained an intentional concentration on what matters to our client partners: driving performance and opportunity for individuals and organizations. We remain committed to facilitating sustainable outcomes through real-world learning, custom eLearning development, and creative support tools.

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Performance Improvement

People, process, and technology drive success in todays business. We dedicate our focus on these assets when building eLearning programs that leverage your investments for greater outcomes and financial returns.
human capital | corporate performance improvement

Human Capital

Invest in your people. Sustainable, behavioral change creates the greatest success.

technology adoption

Technology Adoption

Accelerate technology adoption through day-in-the-life training relevant to workflows and business needs - not mere functionality.

Organizational Culture | corporate performance improvement

Organizational Culture

Inspire winning cultures by promoting psychological safety.

Expertise in Improvement

datumms ehr
datumms logo

“The Synergistx electronic records training is a game changer for physicians. It is so intuitive and helps in navigating new EHR on day one as well as day sixty. I strongly endorse this learning for the Epic System.”

Michael Carmichael, MD
Cardiothoracic Surgeon

“Datumms is an incredible tool for building efficiencies with the EHR system.  I highly recommend it”

Robert Foglia, MD
Chief of Pediatric Surgery (Retired)


Elevate job satisfaction, system knowledge and confidence

Accessible 24/7/365

Cultivate individual engagement and accountability


Harness best practices. Reduce errors and frustration


Increase individual and organizational ROI

The Synergistx Transformation

In order to cultivate trust, promote critical thinking, and accelerate productivity – increase your emotional intelligence.



etoimóti̱s (noun) – Operational readiness is the essential component of success with any go-live.  We take it seriously!

Based upon years of experience developing eLearning programs and courses, our comprehensive readiness assessment quickly identifies our client’s organizational strengths and weaknesses. It allows us to rapidly analyze the current state and focus on what is important. Readiness is the outcome of the Synergistx Transformation!

Engagement and accountability begin with our discovery process to identify true needs, challenges to overcome, and the desired client outcome.

We believe a comprehensive discovery is only complete when it includes a clear determination of the desired outcome and culture the client envisions. Without infusing workshops with these essential components, learning events are simply “check off the box” or “flavor of the day” events!



Effective delivery must engage the audience, challenge critical thinking, and motivate individuals towards greater performance and opportunity. Today, learning events must be personalized, relevant, appealing, and collaborative.

Change and sustainability are essentials when considering each investment in learning. Whether it be a facilitated workshop, online event, or blended learning, each experience must promote psychological safety and accelerate collaboration.

Psychological safety (noun) – is a shared belief that the team is safe to discuss ideas, experiment, and take risks while learning from mistakes.

psychological safety tools


A learning event without sustainability is futile. Accelerating adoption begins with providing guidance and reinforcement. SmartQRG, our proprietary delivery platform, succinctly reinforces concepts and principles related to new and existing processes 24/7/365 for better self-sufficiency!

Sustainment (noun) – the support or maintenance of someone or something, especially…personnel.

Build Your Organization

Develop thoughtful, skilled, and effective leaders with comprehensive eLearning systems.
develop leaders | corporate performance improvement

Increase Performance

Develop critical thinkers, rational problem-solvers, and skilled communicators.

reduce turnover | corporate performance improvement

Reduce Turnover

Create a culture of opportunity so your organization thrives and your talent is rewarded.

increase productivity | corporate performance improvement

Increase Productivity

Maximize team effectiveness by increasing engagement and, likewise, accountability

build teams | corporate performance improvement

Accelerated Ramp-up

Innovate the onboarding of new talent rapidly in order to accelerate time to productivity.

Additional Industries Served

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Corporate Performance Improvement through leadership development programs, custom eLearning development, and emotional intelligence programs.

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