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Providing EHR solutions to some of the most prestigious healthcare systems!

Synergistx provides EHR guidance to medical groups and health systems nationwide. We leverage our knowledge and experience to guide leadership systematically through each step of the process. Implementation planning is a vital first step. We offer third-party objectivity to improve workflow alignment. Likewise, by identifying any gaps or overlaps, we effectively streamline business processes. When it comes to project management, we help in the transition from a tactical outlook to a strategic plan.

What is Resource Deployment?

Essentially, resource deployment is a subset of resource management specifically focused on the use of an organization’s resources. Resources may include financial, inventory, human skills, or IT resources. Within the healthcare landscape, efficient use of resources is integral to improving staff as well as patient satisfaction.

What is Strategy?

The definition of strategy:

“A plan of action designed to achieve long-term or overall aim.”

Synergistx: Strategic Resource Deployment

An effective blueprint for the future facilitates the best use of available resources. Strategic resource deployment is, in effect, this blueprint. As a trusted advisor in the healthcare industry, Synergistx brings a qualified knowledge of best practices in training and implementation architecture. Our goal is to create sustainable results for long-term success, customized specifically for each client organization. With this intention, we work with you to identify viable design improvements. Additionally, our methods improve end-user adoption by overcoming employee change resistance. At the same time, we understand that maintaining budget targets is crucial to a sustainable plan. Strategic resource deployment balances the needs of change with those of the budget.

EHR Training and Support Vulnerability Assessment

Based on eighteen years of healthcare training implementation experience, we have created a measurement tool specifically for you. Our EHR vulnerability assessment is a readiness guide to help you determine your organization’s preparedness specific to a given go-live date. We are confident you will find it a valuable resource.

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