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conversation skills

Conversation / Communication Skills Tips

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Awareness of how others interpret what we communicate helps convey any message authentically and prove our investment in the conversation.

coworker gratitude

Coworker Gratitude Pays Dividends

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Coworker gratitude can go a long way during the holiday season. Cut the tensions of impending year-end deadlines early and often.

online learning gift

Online Learning Benefits

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Online learning provides an efficient and productive way to train. This goes for everyone from new hires to seasoned executives.

cerner implementation

New Systems Implementation Services

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Whether it’s a move to Cerner from paper or another EHR System, we have experienced training managers who can help you develop and implement a blended learning strategy.

clinical system upgrade

Clinical System Upgrade – Medical Center

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Synergistx worked with the development director to build a training strategy that would maximize the benefits of the clinical system upgrade.

SCORM elearning

SCORM – eLearning Communication Standard

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SCORM is an eLearning communication standard. Specifically, it allows eLearning to “talk” with an LMS. For example: bookmarking and scoring.

Learning Program

Learning Program

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A learning program drives business results for the leadership team and provides acceleration adoption of process and strategies.

retail market

Retail Market: A Perpetual Moving Target

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Succeeding in the retail market requires identifying appropriate uses of technology and common challenges that keep the target moving.

learning needs analysis

Learning Needs Analysis

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Learning Needs Analysis helps identify and evaluate gaps between current and desired states of your team’s knowledge, skills, and abilities.

leadership marketing

Leadership and the Lady Chip, Tone-deaf or Brilliant

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Recently, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi outlined central components for managing crisis in her 2013 address on navigating leadership through turbulence. Was this planned?

technology assistance

Technology Assistance

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Synergistx provides technology assistance to a wide range of companies. Here we look at questions you should be asking any LMS vendor.

leadership development

Defining Leadership Development

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Although leadership development includes training, leadership development is an iterative process. Process is key.

prescriptive performance model

Prescriptive Performance Model

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You expect fast, predictable, and effective results. As you should! With this in mind, Synergistx has skillfully created, tested and formalized our prescriptive performance model.

epic implementation

Epic Implementation Services

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Whether it’s a move to Epic from paper or another EHR, we have experienced Epic implementation resources who help you develop and implement a blended learning strategy.