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By and large the customer comes first within the retail and wholesale markets. How are you developing your people in order to enhance the “customer experience” leading up to the sale?

Significantly, getting customers into the store is becoming increasingly difficult. Together with the advent of online shopping, it is only getting harder.  With this in mind, brick and mortar shops require a new focus. A differentiator if you will. As opposed to many claiming that retail is dying, some have found opportunity.

Retail as an Experience

While online shopping is convenient, it lacks the tactile nature of store-based shopping. The experience is similar to car shopping in a magazine – with no test drive! What happens when the perfect button down shirt fits like a sail and still manages to choke you? Sure, you can return it. However, it is often inconvenient and takes more time than the initial purchase. After which you get to wait for a replacement.

One retailer recognized this pain point, and jumped at the chance to BE a solution. They will now handle “eligible” returns – including the packing and shipping. What do they stand to gain? First, by being a solution, they provide a positive experience. This experience, conveniently, places the customer within the store itself. With that done, they have solved one of their own growing issues. Once inside, all it takes is a few customers to think, “While I’m here…” to boost the bottom line.

Our Experience

Whether you need a new employee orientation program, customer service training or training for a new Point of Sale system, Synergistx will work with your team to create solutions that increase adoption and deliver the intended results both executives and shareholders expect. Unify and enhance your team so that they can, in turn, make the customer feel like the most important person in the world.

Retail & Wholesale Solutions include:

  • Efficient onboarding programs
  • Development of learning paths for employees to increase effectiveness
  • Cost-effective tools to increase productivity
  • Strategies for improving processes and procedures
  • Increasing customer satisfaction through empowered employees
  • Safety and compliance training

It is important to note that this is not an exhaustive list.