Curriculum Development

curriculum development expertise

Curriculum is more than content

Synergistx has proven ability to garner information insightfully from the resources and subject matter experts that comprehensively make each of our client organizations unique. Equally important, we use these insights to specialize training curriculum that engages and empowers the learners we purpose to equip. Synergistx believes that understanding your company culture is essential in developing effective training. We consider it integral to properly convey your message while leading to the outcomes you envision for your team.

Certainly, conquering the status quo is crucial to the success of any business. Well-defined paths pave the road to increased performance and heightened opportunity. With this in mind, Synergistx offers learning analysis options and constructs custom content that give you control of your content without assistance – when realistic and most suitable. This enables your company to adapt to change quickly as well as use new processes and software with ease and proficiency.

Enjoy increased response time, overall job fulfillment, boost in company morale, satisfied clientele, timely modernization, and a significant decline in business costs. Synergistx’s effectual business solutions help your company gain strategic advantage in your respective business markets.

Your Curriculum Needs

In sum, Synergistx works with you to tailor training that meets your particular business objectives. With over thirty rewarding years in the field, Synergistx has successfully created thousands of customized programs. We deliver real business solutions with sustainable – as well as verifiable – results for customers throughout the world.

Synergistx’s development process follows the Successive Approximation Model (SAM) instructional design model. This expedient model uses iteration, short work cycles, and other decisive techniques to produce the best possible product regardless of situational


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