EHR eLearning / EMR eLearning

Our EHR eLearning (Electronic Health Record) and EMR eLearning (Electronic Medical Records) is a form of training and education that is conducted online. It enables healthcare workers to increase their knowledge and understanding of electronic health record systems by providing interactive lessons focused on different aspects of the technology relating to specific workflows. This type of learning helps employees become more efficient in using these systems to make better decisions with greater accuracy while also reducing the time it takes to process orders and other tasks while working within their department.

EHR / EMR eLearning Systems

Synergistx eLearning systems are cutting-edge tools designed to equip healthcare personnel with the most up-to-date knowledge on Electronic Health (EHR) and Electronic Medical (EMR) Records. Synergistx interfaces are user-friendly, workflow-driven, and allow users to break down complex concepts into more manageable content chunks while also providing a comprehensive overview of the material. Synergistx integrates multimedia elements that can be used to optimize learning and reduce cognitive load. With Synergistx eLearning systems, EHR and EMR professionals can access an easy-to-use interface that provides visual illustration and a conceptual understanding of complex topics in a “day in the life” setting..

EHR Readiness Assessment and Professional Services

Synergistx offers a comprehensive assessment designed to measure preparedness for an EHR implementation. This assessment provides valuable data points, insights, and best practices based on proven methodology specific to hospital and healthcare organizations. In addition to the comprehensive assessment, Synergistx has additional proven capabilities that have transformed uncertain outcomes to successful go-lives in as little as 90 days.

Analyze your system readiness within the following categories:

  • Strategic planning
  • Documentation
  • Logistics and delivery
  • Provider adoption and readiness
  • Go-live support
  • Overall preparedness

Our Epic & Cerner eLearning Capabilities

Synergistx is making strides in eLearning, specifically in its Epic and Cerner programs. Synergistx provides thorough step-by-step workflow specific training to help users understand the intricate details of each program and how it integrates best into daily practice. They also offer comprehensive tutorials and resources to supplement and reinforce the instructor-led, in-depth training. Synergistx’s efficient eLearning capabilities allow users to become proficient quickly with minimal disruption in their daily practices. This innovative approach to eLearning ensures that Synergistx customers stay ahead of the competition and at the cutting edge of technology.

Epic Custom eLearning

Synergistx, a leader in custom eLearning production with Epic Program, offers innovative learning solutions that provide a high-quality and immersive experience. Synergistx’s custom eLearning products allow clients full control over their individualized programs without sacrificing quality or accreditation standards. While helping your organization embrace Epic, our managers will also help you to stay on task and within budget.

  • Principal Trainer/Instructional Designer selection
  • Selecting Internal Credentialed Trainers
  • Plans to accelerate user adoption
  • Schedule development
  • Classroom organization
  • Training environment build

Cerner Custom eLearning

Synergistx is leading the way into the future of educational technology by creating customized Cerner eLearning courses tailored to customers’ specific needs and practices all viewable from any computer or mobile device. With a comprehensive approach to providing learning services that encompass everything from custom online courses to instructional design, Synergistx is revolutionizing how businesses and organizations access education. Whether it’s a move to Cerner from paper or another EMR, we have experienced Cerner Training Managers who can help you to develop and implement a blended learning strategy.

  • Trainer selection
  • Internal Credentialed Trainer selection
  • Accelerated user adoption
  • Schedule development
  • Classroom organization
  • Training environment build

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We strive to create a personalized experience for clinicians that helps them develop their skills as they implement an EHR/EMR system into their practice or institution. Contact Synergistx today to see how we can help you get the most out of your eLearning experience.


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