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Targeted Online Learning

For Employees, Resellers, and Channel Partners

A prominent international technology company required versatile, recurring training on its latest technology. This particular organization searched for a trusted resource partner to develop eLearning courses to educate their employees, resellers, and channel partners. Likewise, this company sought training that comprehensively supported increased sales performance and market opportunity for internal staff and external representatives. Based on job roles, this networking software and hardware solutions provider planned for the development of over 200 hours of eLearning content.


After completing a learning needs analysis, Synergistx implemented a strategy to re-purpose existing content into eLearning courses. Next, Synergistx designed essential new courses to bridge learning gaps associated with various job roles. In effect, the new courses targeted critical areas needing specialized attention between the current and future state of the skill sets and competencies. Moreover, all training reinforced critical business drivers and performance goals of the company. As a result, focal points of training included network technologies, server technologies, enterprise data systems, and product effectiveness.

eLearning Content Solution

Through Synergistx’s Prescriptive Performance Model, each module (customized to the organization’s specifications) successfully achieved designated learning goals and objectives. Equally valuable, each course supported specific job roles within the company. Learning events, relevant and applicable to each learner, facilitated easy assimilation and implementation.

Innovative courses incorporating interactive exercises, state-of-the-art graphics, and collaborative interchange created aesthetically appealing learning experiences. Just as important, these training events cultivated new dimensions in learning. Furthermore, each module included pre- and post-skills assessments. In addition, all developed content complied with SCORM and AICC. This essential, intentional component gave the client capability to upload the courses into their Learning Management System for tracking and compliance. In the end, the successfully tailored design strategy ensured maximum knowledge retention and sustainability.

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