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ELearning Content Situation

A technology company with international offices in multiple countries required a partner to develop eLearning courses for its team. Providing networking software, hardware, and solutions to several industries, this company required that its staff continually be trained on the latest technology to maximize performance and opportunity of the company.  Based on job roles, the company planned for the development of over 200 hours of eLearning content. All to be developed to meet the needs of the employees.


After conducting a Learning Needs Analysis, Synergistx implemented a plan to re-purpose available content into eLearning content, as well as a plan for designing and developing new courses to bridge existing learning gaps for each job role within the organization. The development of new courses would close gaps existing between the current and desired states of the organization’s skills, abilities, and competencies. Additionally all training developed would focus on the business drivers and performance goals of the company.  Training areas of focus included network technologies, server technologies, enterprise data systems, and project effectiveness.

ELearning Content Solution

Through Synergistx’s Quality Assurance Process and Prescriptive Performance Model, each module was custom to the organization’s specifications and specialized to meet learning goals and objectives. Tailored to the learning needs, audience, company culture, and desired business results, the repurposed and newly developed eLearning courses brought a new dimension of learning to the company to drive business results.  Focusing on training for the employees to keep them ahead of the latest technology and ahead of the learning curve, the courses accelerated skills development and allowed employees to quickly achieve new levels of opportunity.  Further, each course supported the various job roles within the company, contributing to the company’s strategy for continual learning paths for all divisions within the organization.

Every training module incorporated interactive exercises and learning with state-of-the-art graphics and techniques through proven development methodology. This methodology allows a collaborative environment that was aesthetically interesting, while also maintaining the integrity of the learning experience.  Additionally each module contained pre and post skills assessment functionality. All content developed was both SCORM and AICC compliant. This provides the ability to upload the courses in to the client’s Learning Management System for tracking and compliance.  The design of each module ensured maximum knowledge retention by incorporating the following elements:

  • Mapped to client goals and stated objectives
  • Client specific content targeted to job role requirements
  • Proven instructional design methods
  • Designed specifically for the client’s image
  • Established Base-Line of knowledge
  • Provided ongoing support

Upon completion of the eLearning modules, all staff had access to on-demand learning resulting in immediate impact to the company.  Owing to a successfully aligned training program, the organization obtained a higher return on technology assets. Additionally they experienced increased employee performance leading to the creation of new opportunity for the organization.

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