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The Success Formula

High-performance teams are motivated and results oriented. Equally important, each individual contributor embraces challenges with optimism and confidence. As a result, a greater sense of belonging reinforces collaborative comradery. Ultimately, high-performing teams challenge the status quo and drive performance and opportunity for themselves and the organizations they represent.

Benefits of a High-Performance Organization

  • Increased sales and customer satisfaction
  • Greater employee retention
  • Stronger financial results
  • Heightened employee engagement and accountability
  • Enhancing patient experiences and outcomes
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Outcomes of high performance for organizations

  • Sustained growth
  • Expedient adaption to change
  • Strategic alignment of people, process, and technology
  • Focused concentration on bottom-line results
  • Committed attention to workforce development
  • Comprehensive understanding of proper onboarding

In essence, improve your sustainable organizational performance.

Does this define your vision?

Blended eLearning Solutions

Blended eLearning solutions offer businesses a way to increase employee engagement and proficiency with their job roles. Blended eLearning combines traditional structured learning with interactive computer-based activities such as content viewing, quizzes, role-playing, simulations, and more. This mix of educational experiences allows employees to learn in an environment that promotes understanding while simultaneously applying the knowledge they receive.

Training Management Services

We develop and implement our proven, proprietary approach to training solutions for healthcare systems.

Our tenured resources facilitate successful deployment for new products-to-market; enterprise technology implementation (Epic, or Cerner EHR, KRONOS® and more!)

Services include:

  • Executive Leadership
  • Learning Strategy
  • Interim Training Manager
  • LMS Administrator
  • SWOT Analysis and Consulting
  • Readiness Assessment and Alignment
  • Post go-live Application Support

Custom eLearning Solutions

Transform your training events into extraordinary online learning experiences.

When considering a custom eLearning (or online learning) program, proper scope and design determine success.

These elements are critical:

  1. Interface choices
  2. Graphics and media
  3. Instructional design strategies
  4. Quality of existing content
  5. Type and complexity of desired interactions

Custom eLearning Development

We trust the following tips will help you when considering a custom eLearning partner.
  • Is the company an experienced learning company?
  • Can they be trusted based upon years of verifiable expertise?
  • Does the company incorporate a credible adult learning methodology?
  • Does the company provide a comprehensive development process?
  • Is the team local or offshored?
  • Are any of the services outsourced?
  • Are project management services included?
  • Who owns the source code?
  • What does post-project support look like?
  • What guarantee does the company provide?

Custom eLearning Solutions Preview

Interactive | Culture-driven | Full-simulation | Consistent message | Cross-training functionality | Knowledge transfer | End-user driven | SCORM compliant

eLearning Training for Employees & Leadership Roles

We value the importance of developing each individual’s potential to inspire confidence and motivation.  Sharpening characteristics like these within individuals results in the formation and sustainment of high-performing teams, which then leads to increased organizational effectiveness and success. Our strategically designed, proprietary MySource=LifeSkills™ solutions do just that – encourage engagement, accountability, teamwork, and much more.

We value the importance of developing each individual’s potential to inspire confidence, advance respectful relations, and promote productive interactions.

Microsoft Office Training

Our Microsoft Office training services help improve efficiency and drive performance. The Microsoft Office training and quick reference guides provide users the tools needed to succeed. Call us today and learn how our proven approach can deliver the business-driven results.

What People are Saying about the Workshops

Corporate Performance Improvement

This program has been a two-way investment.

It planted a seed; as a result we have started to see things grow. It appears that we are building truly sustainable change, instead of having a “flavor of the day” leadership program.

This program was one where Synergistx took time to learn about our company specifically – setting them apart from other training while building a level of trust from day one.

Not only could we apply the concepts quickly, but they were applicable to our business and operations.

You could leave the class and use the skills immediately (as soon as the next day). 

My level of empathy has expanded and I also have a broader scope of engagement with employees.

From all the classes I have had, these have certainly been the best I’ve experienced.

Presentation, Facilitators and Activities

The facilitator was very knowledgeable about the subject matter as well as enthusiastic about the subjects.

Presentation is top notch! The materials, and also the manner in which it is delivered, is very good. No outliers. I like the consistent delivery.

Excellent training. Unlike others, it’s not just the trainer reading PowerPoint slides. Not to mention it’s interactive, which helps keep attendees engaged.

This has been so head and shoulders above what I had before.

Great training! Better presentation and activities than my previous trainings.

Facilitators were equally informative and knowledgeable.

Synergistx has provided one of the best trainings I have received.

Pleasant. Informative. Entertaining.

It’s been great! You made the classes especially applicable to what we do. Also, it was not generic.

Of all of the programs I’ve ever been through, this is the best program overall. We don’t see you very often at the plant, but when we do, it’s like seeing old friends.

Very pleasant and positive, while also relatable. As a result, I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I was reminded of some things and also introduced to others in a pleasant and professional environment.

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Our eLearning services accelerate performance and drive opportunity. We provide a distinctively balanced approach to ensure proper alignment of your organizational objectives with your vision and strategy.

Let us service your eLearning needs! We always respond promptly.


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