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At present, public education systems as well as private schools and universities throughout the United States face enormous challenges. Federal, state, and local school mandates have created significant pressure to perform. In addition, rising costs, budget cuts, and declining revenue make it increasingly difficult for schools to meet the intensifying expectations. At the same time, educators remain singularly dedicated to the students and communities they serve.

Mindful of this, Synergistx provides customized content and resources to assist students, educators, and administrations as each continue to pursue high-quality efficiency, productivity, and service.

In How America Is Breaking Public Education, Forbes asserts that “By refusing to treat teachers like professionals — by failing to empower them to teach students in the best way that they see fit — we demonstrate the simple fact that we don’t trust them to do a good job, or even to understand what doing a good job looks like.”

Synergistx’s proprietary approach speaks directly to this issue. Empowerment combined with accountability in a psychologically safe environment is the answer. Our emotional intelligence program provides the necessary structure as well as critical-thinking tools to make this answer a reality. In addition, we also offer on-demand LifeSkills and technology solutions. We have served all levels of public as well as private education systems. Individual schools, as well as one of the ten largest public U.S. school districts, have integrated our proven solutions

Our branded education solutions include each of the following:

  • Quick reference guides for Microsoft applications
  • Desktop support tool – available 24/7
  • LifeSkills content library with over 1,000 learning events – MySource=LifeSkills
  • Custom eLearning development
  • Leadership development programs
  • Emerging leaders academy
  • Cultural intelligence programs
  • New technology implementation and adoption initiatives
  • Onboarding and new employee orientation programs


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