Adult Learners

adult learners

Features of eLearning and training, in general, present different sets of challenges when it comes to adult learning. Understandably, adult learning is unique. Specifically, motivating older generation learners presents an especially multifaceted challenge.

How do adult learners best learn?

  • Adults are most often self-directed learners. They prefer to direct themselves versus being directed.
  • Providing adult learners an opportunity to maintain a personal goal sheet helps them keep track of individual progress. This information is material to keeping their interest.
  • Adult learners bring knowledge to their learning that entails previous experience. Taking this knowledge into consideration allows companies to leverage this experience and make it an integral part of the learning process.
  • Adult learners prefer defined goals. Accordingly, making the goals and anticipated benefits of adult learning events very clear invites the greatest participation.
  • Adults invest in learning opportunities that are relevant and practical to their specific work roles. Training oriented towards integrating applicability increases participation. Correspondingly, facilitators or consultants need to make use of this information when planning any professional development.
  • Whether the training is instructor led or offered through a self-learning modality, adult learning must take into account a keen awareness of the diversity of opinions adults may bring to the training.
  • More often than not, learners of all ages attach more meaning to the type of understanding they gain from hands-on experience. Thus, the primary learning technique, even for adults, is experiential.

Understanding nuanced adult learning patterns and tendencies invites the greatest interest and facilitates the strongest investment among staff and management teams in learning events.

Give your team the strategic support they need to apply skills they refine today to drive performance and increase opportunity most advantageously tomorrow. In doing so, you enrich their lives and strengthen your team.

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