Enterprise Process Mapping

process mapping

We often take for granted the small things that make our companies successful. However, by integrating effective process mapping, we recognize and are able to optimize all components that contribute to streamlined business operation.

In short, process mapping helps companies strengthen effective strategy. The map illustrates what a business does, shows who does it, and projects how the company determines success. Process mapping is the first step to take when evaluating if it’s time to make improvements in current operations. Further, this particular mapping helps verify alignment of processes with corporate values and capabilities. In addition, this procedure provides a visual representation of each process and how it relates to other processes within the organization.

Process Mapping In Use

For this reason, Synergistx uses a mapping series to show companies where they are (current state) in relation to where they want to be (future state). We help companies determine best practices and integrate plans that facilitate closing the distance between the two points. In other words, we help your company formulate a learning solution that decisively bridges the gaps between your current state and your desired future state. Additionally, customized assessments help your company identify and qualify which processes are practical and advise you of those that need transformation. Synergistx develops, arranges and presents prescriptions for learning processes to the company for final consideration.

Necessities for Success

  • Comprehensive process maps
  • Process strategy from onset to delivery
  • Identification and elimination of waste
  • Macro, micro, and sub-micro processes
  • Mapping process facilitation
  • Upcoming process changes

Providing a comprehensive strategy and plan helps your organization run efficiently, increases productivity, and keeps your staff and management engaged in more thorough quality control. We are prepared to partner with you as you define your personal and corporate professional development needs and goals.

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