Our Expertise

At Synergistx  we use our expertise to focus on solving our client’s pain points. We drive performance and opportunity for both individuals and corporations.   Some of our offerings include; leadership development workshops, customized eLearning development, healthcare solutions, and emotional intelligence training.

culture of care healthcare

Culture of Care

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A dedicated Culture of Care can transform a patient visit into a guest experience. Here are five tips to achieve this goal.

change to synergistx

Change Inspires Innovation

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Change inspires innovation. Change can be intimidating. But not this time around! What you knew as Solo Learning is now Synergistx.


Self-Awareness: The Art of Knowing Yourself

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From long ago we have been searching for what we now call self-awareness. Socrates, the Greek philosopher, famously stated, “Know thyself.”

online learning gift

Online Learning Benefits

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Online learning provides an efficient and productive way to train. This goes for everyone from new hires to seasoned executives.

SCORM elearning

SCORM – eLearning Communication Standard

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SCORM is an eLearning communication standard. Specifically, it allows eLearning to “talk” with an LMS. For example: bookmarking and scoring.

retail market

Retail Market: A Perpetual Moving Target

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Succeeding in the retail market requires identifying appropriate uses of technology and common challenges that keep the target moving.

leadership marketing

Leadership and the Lady Chip, Tone-deaf or Brilliant

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Recently, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi outlined central components for managing crisis in her 2013 address on navigating leadership through turbulence. Was this planned?

technology assistance

Technology Assistance

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Synergistx provides technology assistance to a wide range of companies. Here we look at questions you should be asking any LMS vendor.

leadership development

Defining Leadership Development

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Although leadership development includes training, leadership development is an iterative process. Process is key.

epic implementation

Epic Implementation Services

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Whether it’s a move to Epic from paper or another EHR, we have experienced Epic implementation resources who help you develop and implement a blended learning strategy.

onboarding program

Onboarding Program

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In designing a program that created opportunities for personal growth and career advancement, Synergistx developed an onboarding roadmap to orientate new associates to all retail departments within the organization.

adult learners

Adult Learners

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Features of eLearning and training present different sets of challenges when it comes to adult learning. Understandably, adult learning is unique.

software migration

Software Migration

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The software migration was a success! Training services seamlessly met the stated software migration goals supporting continued success agency-wide.

learning solutions

Learning Solutions

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A large retailer needed a strategic partner to develop comprehensive learning solutions for their Point of Sale (POS) system.

technology adoption

Technology Adoption in Healthcare

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Our select knowledge of healthcare best practices, customized and applied with a 100% success rate, facilitate comprehensive end-user adoption.