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What Change?

Change inspires innovation. With this in mind, and at the prompting of various clients and our own reflection, we are excited to officially announce the change of our name. Synergistx best defines who we are in today’s marketplace aligning people, processes, and technology with organizational culture, values, and goals!

Our hope is that you think of us as your corporate performance improvement partner, specializing in emotional intelligence, to help you achieve greater results through more productive and synergistic teams. Furthermore, we aim to facilitate successful outcomes through your most valuable assets—your people.

Our new website at is a visual representation of this change.

We maintain our focus on the same ideals in place at our founding in 2002. Specifically, what matters to our client partners: driving performance and opportunity for individuals and corporations. Further, we bring over thirty years of cumulative experience as a Trusted Adviser. Moreover, we remain committed to delivering sustainable results via our leadership workshops, customized eLearning development, or emotional intelligence training.

What is Not Changing?

To begin, our progressive tools remain focused on Corporate Performance Improvement. Our people are experts, who create strategies that develop teams and shape organizational success. In other words, we empower your employees and build inspirational leaders. Moreover, our processes focus on promoting psychological safety. Psychological safety has been named by Google as the number one key dynamic of a successful team. We have the tools to help you develop psychological safety within your team and organization.  Furthermore, our tools have proven success in harnessing team innovation, encouraging creativity, and emboldening risk-taking.

Similarly, our services in both Leadership Development and Custom eLearning continue to bring optimum results. Both help solve many of today’s most difficult tasks with constructive, balanced results. Likewise, our custom online learning continues to provide an excellent medium for knowledge transfer throughout your organization. Our Leadership Development Series aims to create and maintain high-performance teams. At the same time, we facilitate individual skill development and confidence enhancement.

A Few Quotes on the Subject

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.”
– Albert Einstein

Innovation distinguishes a leader and a follower.
– Steve Jobs

Overall, we sincerely thank you for your business and look forward to working with you in 2020.

Happy New Year!!

tim shell
Tim Shell
President – Synergistx


Do you still have questions about our change, and its purpose?