Retail Market: A Perpetual Moving Target

retail market

Retail… Make, market, and sell a product, service, or idea.

It’s simple, right? Wrong.

Economic uncertainty, employee turnover, and expedient use of technology are a just a few of the common challenges that create moving targets in today’s retail marketplace.

Retention and Onboarding

The actual cost of employee turnover may surprise you. Understandably, management-level positions are expensive to replace; but what about entry/floor-level employees? These positions represent the majority in the oft-cited 75% to 110% annual turnover rate. Consider that each employee who leaves places considerable strain on HR and local management to find, qualify, and train a replacement. Synergistx partners with organizations to identify causes of turnover and structure solutions that reduce the need for employee replacement. In essence, we help organizations increase retention of their people – their greatest asset.

Targeted Technology

Technology is increasingly available for every aspect of retail: management information systems, inventory management systems, point-of-sale systems, online sales systems, and mobile sales systems. Often, these systems are complex and require specialized training, especially when rolling out organization-wide changes. Synergistx successfully targets processes and procedures needed to help employees become proficient using new systems – both quickly and efficiently.

Auditing the Retail Market with Ease

Most industries have at least some mandatory training requirements. Without question, the ability to track these requirements have become more important than ever. Synergistx provides proven solutions to cover these needs – from basic “Sexual Harassment” education programs to federal and state-level continuing education programs.


If you are in the retail industry, then you know important it is to ensure a safe workplace for customers and employees alike. Because of this, Synergistx customizes unique solutions that help you proactively cultivate psychologically safe environments.

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