Retail Market: A Perpetual Moving Target

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Retail… Make, market and sell a product, service or idea.

It’s simple, right? Wrong.

Succeeding in the retail market is more like a duck gliding gracefully across a pond; an outward facade of serenity and forward momentum is on display, while its unseen feet are furiously lashing at the water in a constant battle to maintain momentum. Economic uncertainty, employee churn, and – now more than ever – identifying appropriate uses of technology are common challenges that keep the target moving.

Reducing the Churn

Ask your Human Resources department the actual cost of employee turnover – it may surprise you. It is easy to understand why management level positions are expensive to replace, but what about entry/floor level employees? The oft cited 75% to 110% annual churn rate is primarily composed of these positions. Consider that each leaving employee places strain on HR and local management to find, qualify, and train replacements. Synergistx partners with organizations to identify causes and pinpoint solutions to reduce employee replacement needs.

Targeted Technology

Technology is increasingly available for every aspect of retail; management information systems, inventory management systems, point-of-sale systems, online sales systems, and increasingly mobile sales systems. Often these systems are large and complex, requiring specialized training when rolling out an organization-wide change. Synergistx excels in identifying processes and procedures needed to bring employees up to speed quickly and efficiently.

Auditing the Retail Market with Ease

Many industries have at least some mandatory training requirements. And with today’s ever-litigious environment, the ability to track these requirements are more important than ever. Synergistx has a solution to cover these needs, from basic “Sexual Harassment” education programs through federal and state level continuing education programs.


If you are in the retail industry, then you know important it is to ensure a safe workplace. One viewed as safe by both customers and employees alike. As with auditing, Synergistx has a solution to cover these needs.

Do you still have questions about retail market needs, or solutions?