Technology Assistance

technology assistance

Synergistx provides technology assistance to a wide range of notable companies. Without question, assessing the features of a learning management system is essential in selecting one. Even so, successful implementation requires research into both features as well as functionality. In the spirit of full disclosure, Synergistx sells and maintains its own LMS: SOLO Cirrus.

In addition to specifying the features you require when approaching potential vendors, consider the following questions regarding available learning management system features.

Technology Assistance: Important Questions for LMS Vendors

  • Is there a limit on the number of users the system can manage? If so, how many?
  • What options are available for the LMS regarding hosting? Are their options available for the client to host directly or for the vendor to host?
  • Is the learning management system AICC & SCORM compliant?
  • Does the LMS offer third-party integration with other applications?
  • Will the system operate on all of the popular web browsers? Furthermore, will it work on their mobile versions?
  • What type of reporting features are available?
  • Is there a limit on the number of custom fields available within the system?
  • What types of web room functions are available?
  • Are there available bridges for the LMS and CRM software (for example PeopleSoft)?
  • Are there multiple security roles for users (for example Super User vs. Read Only user)?
  • What types of resource management tools are available?
  • How customizable is the LMS catalog?
  • Does the LMS have a robust scheduling system?
  • Does the LMS have a standard implementation training plan?
  • Is branding of the LMS customizable?
  • What support options are available? Specifically, what is the cost of each option?
  • Does the LMS offer chat rooms and message boards? At what levels are chats available (site and class level for example)?
  • Does the LMS support for RSS feeds?
  • Is the creation of surveys and polls available?
  • Are there options available on the length of contract for the LMS?
  • What are the standard tools, features, and utilities of the LMS?

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list; and not every question applies to every client. Still, we hope this offers assistance as you secure the technology assistance you need.