Harassment: Creating a Safe Place to Speak Up

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Workplace Harassment

Sunday January 7, 2018, celebrities from every part of the entertainment industry showed their support for the a movement, breaking the silence on sexual harassment and assault, by wearing black to the 75th annual Golden Globe awards ceremony. For too long people have been afraid to speak out about harassment and felt forced to remain silent due to threatened repercussions. But now, the nation is rallying to put an end to this fear of speaking up. We are determine to find a way to create and maintain safe environments in corporate America.

This being said, the importance of a psychologically safe workplace is more prevalent than ever before. Synergistx and BlueEQ™ define psychological safety as; “a shared belief that it’s safe to discuss ideas, experiment, take risks, give feedback, and learn from mistakes.” So, let’s take a quick look at what the implementation of this idea carries with it.

Having a psychologically safe workplace means:

1. People feel comfortable speaking

For quite some time, a sign falsely labeled as having it all together, is silence.  If you want that promotion, you definitely cannot portray anything less than begin confident and all together. Any other behavior may come across as not being emotionally able to handle a greater responsibility. However, this is not the case. While venting every struggle to a manager and repeating here-say about a co-worker are far from what we are recommending. Organizations must create an environment in which people feel comfortable expressing any concerns without anxiety of risk of adverse consequences. In this way, you will not only have an increased pulse and awareness of office interactions, but you will be able to put a stop to anything of serious concern.

2. Openness will become the new norm

We have lived in a world that considers sharing only the positive concerning a fellow employee or manager right. Disclosing anything less than absolute praise has an unprofessional connotation.  In fact, divulging such information could result in negative impact to the person from whom the report came. However, a psychologically safe workplace is one in which people feel comfortable. Comfortable either confronting the individual themselves with whom he or she has an issue or, if in danger, telling someone who will be able to help. Openness and communication fosters team unity.

3. Take Action Immediately

Are you truly an effective manager if you do not take action towards correcting an issue brought to your attention? The answer is honestly, no. If someone trusts you enough to share a concern with you, it is your responsibility to do what is within your power to investigate the matter and determine an appropriate action. Silence, on your part, concerning issues such as harassment, may result in you being an accessory to the individual responsible for harassment and increase risk to the company.

Synergistx and Blue EQ™ is the solution for creating psychological safety within the workplace. Visit our EQ page to learn more.

Do you still have questions about harassment, and creating a safe place?