Government Technology: Challenging the Status Quo

government technology

To many, government technology is an oxymoron – to the point of mutual exclusion. The time is now to press the delete button on this long-held belief. Pressure to serve constituent needs in the face of budget reductions is a reality for most government agencies. As a result, innovative leaders utilize new techniques and technologies to reduce costs, expand services, and maintain a knowledgeable staff.

Bureaucracy Disruption

Forward-looking agencies are already implementing new models that flatten the typical hierarchy, reducing overall costs and increasing staff competencies. Consider the traditional cost of training each office for an upcoming software roll-out:

  • Travel costs for a trainer or the staff
  • Costs associated with lost working hours
  • Long-term costs of help desk support once the training ends

Today’s technology allows for a positive disruption of this model. Computer-based training, live online training, and quick reference card based learning not only allow for minimization of cost per person but can also serve as ongoing support, reducing the burden felt by the help desk.

Synergistx Government Technology Solutions

As every agency has its own set of responsibilities, actual department needs drive new technologies. Agencies have partnered with Synergistx to research and implement  new government technology needed to maximize actual results.

Multiple technology-based solutions can deliver outstanding results while minimizing budgetary concerns. Equally important our assistance is multifaceted. When deployed responsibly, custom web-based training educates new and existing staff with the knowledge they need to succeed. Moreover, quick reference systems have enabled rapid deployment of training materials. Such systems cover everything from basic computer use to high-level management. Web-based management and tracking systems can help standardize training of a wide-spread staff. Additionally, the same technology can offer services to constituents previously unreachable via standard means.

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