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learning needs analysis

Who Needs a Learning Needs Analysis?

We understand that results-based solutions have the greatest impact on your organization overall. Synergistx can improve your organizational design and performance by analyzing the learning needs of your team. We will conduct a Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) to help you identify and evaluate the gaps existing between the current and desired states of your team’s knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies.

Making an Impact

The results we’ll bring to light will provide you with the foundation needed to design and implement solutions to bridge those gaps that are keeping you from reaching your goals. Learn more about our Learning Needs Analysis services without delay. Simply contact us today.

Solutions for Multiple Industries

Synergistx has a proven track record of developing unique learning solutions for a wide range of market segments.  We integrate our various products and solutions specifically to tailor strategic plans for your organization.

Small Changes – On a Large Scale

For example, in any organization, change management is a big deal.

The ability for a company to effectively broadcast these changes, from new product introduction to small process modernization updates, can make the difference between desired results (increased sales/reduced costs) and actual results (frustration/confusion). Synergistx partners with companies to develop comprehensive messaging solutions and delivery methodologies to assist in achieving the desired results.

Focus on What Works

Often companies understand that “something isn’t working,” but have difficulty in identifying exactly what “it” is.

One case that we frequently see, is a business attempting to “online” existing training materials; even if the results of the existing materials was sub-par. While it is understandable to avoid re-inventing the wheel, if you are stuck in a rut; sometimes however a new wheel may be in order. Synergistx takes a holistic approach, researching and identifying what makes success a reality. We utilize the base of the proverbial wheel, whenever possible, by re-purposing quality materials. Then we augment it with subject-matter-expert “tribal knowledge,” to make a wheel that plows through the rut.

Do you still have questions about learning needs analysis, and its impact?