Coworker Gratitude Pays Dividends

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Five Ways to Show Gratitude to Coworkers

During the holiday season, tensions can be high with impending year-end deadlines. Given that you spend more than half your week with coworkers, it’s important to treat each respectfully and gratefully. Notice each other’s contributions, however large or small; and show your appreciation. Even difficult people respond well to genuine encouragement and appreciation.

It’s safe to assume when you feel as if you’re pulling the entire weight, others presume the same about themselves. Note when a coworker is contributing, focus on that, and sincerely thank him or her either publicly or privately.

Show you are grateful and bring a little holiday cheer to both you and a coworker in the process:

  1. The spoken word.

The spoken word is a powerful tool but often we fail to leverage it. Say thank you – out loud. We assume others know what we are thinking, so we neglect saying it. This assumption is costly, both in and out of the office. Don’t assume anything.

A little goes a long way with sincere appreciation. What may seem like a passing comment to you could change another’s outlook on any given day.

  1. Post-It.

Sometimes the greatest gifts can be the smallest. A great way to show appreciation is by simply leaving a handwritten note on a coworker’s desk. Just a short “Thanks for all you do!” is all it takes.

  1. Let’s do lunch.

Suggest going to lunch. Investing your lunch time with coworkers shows genuine interest in them and in the contribution they make. Do so by getting to know a few things about their lives you didn’t know before. New insight into their lives may help you understand more about how they operate for future collaboration.

  1. Bring breakfast.

Take a few extra minutes one morning and pick up donuts or breakfast tacos for the office. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it’s the thought that counts. Though it requires minimal extra time, effort, or cost, bringing breakfast shows your commitment to the team. As well as the value you place in those with whom you work.

Do you still have questions about coworker gratitude, and its impact?