Succession planning and management saves the cost and time of external personnel searches.  It improves employee morale and lessens the effects of reengineering and downsizing; but most importantly, it creates a diverse talent pool within your organization.  This module will guide you through the evaluation process of succession planning.  This course describes the guidelines for setting up a program, provides application tools and activities to implement a program, and offers benchmarking procedures for ensuring the ongoing success of your plan.

LESSON 1: Succession Planning: An Overview

  • Succession Planning Versus Replacement Planning
  • The True Meaning of Succession Planning
  • The Importance of a Solid Plan
  • Creating a Climate for Leaders

LESSON 2: Identifying Key Positions

  • The Circle of Leadership
  • Evaluating Individual Performance
  • Evaluating Team Performance

LESSON 3: Defining Core Competencies

  • Defining Responsibilities and Functions
  • Understanding Competencies
  • Talent Pool Identification

LESSON 4: Identifying Key People

  • Performance Reviews
  • Selecting Your Dream Team
  • Performance vs. Potential: 9-Box Assessment

LESSON 5: Developing Learning Paths

  • Preparing Professional Development Plans
  • Compare Professional Development Plans to Competencies
  • Supporting Long-Term Coaching

LESSON 6: Measuring Success

  • Overview of Accountability Process