Succession Planning Workshop

Succession planning, together with succession management saves the cost and time of external personnel searches.  Equally important, it improves employee morale and lessens the effects of re-engineering and downsizing. Most importantly though, it creates a diverse talent pool within your organization.  The succession planning workshop guides you specifically through the evaluation process of succession planning. At the same time it describes the guidelines for setting up a program. Additionally, it provides application tools and activities to implement a program. Further, it offers benchmarking procedures for ensuring the ongoing success of your plan.

Succession Planning Workshop Outline

LESSON 1: Succession Planning: An Overview
  • Succession Planning in Contrast with Replacement Planning
  • To Demonstrate the True Meaning of Succession Planning
  • To Explain the Importance of a Solid Plan
  • In Effect, Creating a Climate for Leaders
LESSON 2: Identifying Key Positions
  • The Circle of Leadership
  • Evaluating Individual Performance Specifically
  • Evaluating Overall Team Performance
LESSON 3: Defining Core Competencies
  • Defining Responsibilities and Functions
  • Understanding Competencies
  • Talent Pool Identification
LESSON 4: Identifying Key People
  • Performance Reviews
  • Selecting Your Dream Team
  • Performance vs. Potential: 9-Box Assessment
LESSON 5: Developing Learning Paths
  • Preparing Professional Development Plans
  • Compare Professional Development Plans to Competencies
  • Supporting Long-Term Coaching
LESSON 6: Measuring Success
  • Overview of Accountability Process

What People are Saying About the Workshop

I feel the handouts and activities done in this class were better than in any other classes by other providers.

On the whole, the training I received today was very helpful. For instance, the handouts, slides and activities used can reach all types of different learning styles.

This training was more advanced and in-depth with better course material than my previous trainings. Very good instructors and also great hand-outs.

The training was both thorough and applicable.  In particular, it provided the knowledge needed to help prepare my department for succession planning.

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