All leaders want to create, influence, and maintain a successful team. Learning how to effectively manage is the first step to building a high performance team. In this activity-driven workshop, you will discover how to lead your team with efficiency and sustainability.

LESSON 1: High Performance Teams

  • High Performance Teams vs. High Production Team
  • Team Fundamentals
  • Characteristics of a Team Player
  • Types of Team Players
  • Stages of Team Development

LESSON 2: Forming – Creating a Vision

  • Understanding the Forming Stage
  • Progressing through the Forming Stage
  • Prioritizing

 LESSON 3: Storming – Guiding Your Team

  • Understanding the Storming Stage
  • Progressing through the Storming Stage
  • Assessment Reflection
  • The Jahari Window

LESSON 4: Norming – Accelerating Momentum

  • Understanding the Norming Stage
  • Progressing through the Norming Stage
  • The Lencioni Model
  • Team Reporting

LESSON 5: Performing – Maintaining Momentum

  • Understanding the Norming Stage
  • Progressing Through the Norming Stage
  • Team Time Management
  • The Role of a Leader
  • Motivation and Inspiration

LESSON 6: Team Psychological Safety

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence to Lead Successfully