High Performance Teams Workshop

Provided that we rarely have a problem envisioning how a high preforming team would operate in vague terms. In fact, the difficult part is taking that abstract vision, making it concrete and transferring it to your team. However, in this high performance teams workshop, we are going to give you tools to help you in this process.

Certainly, leaders want to create and influence a successful team. But they also need to maintain them. With this in mind – learning how to effectively manage is the first step to building a high performance team. In this activity-driven workshop, you will discover how to lead your team both efficiency and sustainability.

High Performance Teams Workshop Outline

LESSON 1: High Performance Teams
  • High Performance Teams in Contrast to High Production Team
  • Team Fundamentals
  • Characteristics of a Team Player
  • Types of Team Players
  • Stages of Team Development
LESSON 2: Forming – Creating a Vision
  • Understanding the Forming Stage
  • Progressing through the Forming Stage
  • Prioritizing
LESSON 3: Storming – Guiding Your Team
  • Understanding the Storming Stage
  • Progressing through the Storming Stage
  • Assessment Reflection
  • The Jahari Window
LESSON 4: Norming – Accelerating Momentum
  • Understanding the Norming Stage
  • Progressing through the Norming Stage
  • The Lencioni Model
  • Team Reporting
LESSON 5: Performing – Maintaining Momentum
  • Understanding the Norming Stage
  • Progressing Through the Norming Stage
  • Team Time Management
  • The Role of a Leader
  • Motivation and Inspiration
LESSON 6: Team Psychological Safety

What People Currently Say About the Workshop

Following the workshop, I document by maintaining a journal. Additionally, I learned about what it takes to create a High Performance Team and seeing the big picture. That is to say, building a team and not working as an individual.

I am more aware of my interactions and also have focused on getting around to visit with everyone on my team.

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