An organization optimizes success by effectively managing conflict. As a leader in your organization, you share in that responsibility. This course will help you cultivate the critical skills to facilitate efficient conflict management.

LESSON 1: Conflict Overview

  • Conflict vs. Difficult Conversations
  • Truth About Conflict
  • The Ripple Effect of Conflict
  • It Starts With You

LESSON 2: Recognizing Conflict

  • How to Spot Conflict Coming
  • Identifying Triggers
  • The Iceberg of Conflict

LESSON 3: Responding to Conflict

  • To Have or Not To Have
  • Preparing for a Difficult Conversation
  • Approaches to Conflict
  • Timing and Location

LESSON 4: Resolving Conflict

  • Tools to Resolve Conflict
  • Victim vs. Victor
  • Mediating Conflict as a Leader
  • Concluding the Conversation

LESSON 5: Psychological Safety in Conflict

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence in Conflict