Conflict Management Workshop

We all face conflict from time to time. Whether it be at work or home, we must learn how to handle conflict properly. An organization optimizes success as a result of effectively managing conflict. As a leader in your organization, you share in that responsibility. Developing as well as strengthening the skills needed to handle conflict with discernment is an integral part of that responsibility.

In brief, this course will help you cultivate critical skills to facilitate perceptive, successful conflict management.

Conflict Management Workshop Outline

LESSON 1: Conflict Overview
  • Conflict in Contrast to Difficult Conversations
  • Truth About Conflict
  • The Ripple Effect of Conflict
  • It Starts With You
LESSON 2: Recognizing Conflict
  • How to Spot Impending Conflict
  • Identifying Triggers
  • The Conflict Iceberg
LESSON 3: Responding to Conflict
  • To Have or Not To Have
  • Preparing for a Difficult Conversation
  • Approaches to Conflict
  • Timing and Location
LESSON 4: Resolving Conflict
  • Tools to Resolve Conflict
  • Victim vs. Victor
  • Mediating Conflict as a Leader
  • Concluding the Conversation
LESSON 5: Psychological Safety in Conflict
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence in Conflict

What People are Saying About the Workshop

I am more prepared prior to the event involving difficult conversations.

Following this workshop, I started using the resources and getting input from peers or other resources. I finally have the ability to handle small conflicts.

For one thing, I keep combativeness down by showing compassion. Additionally, lower stress levels have helped with my reactions. I am able to take a step back and think before responding or reacting.

Awesome course.  All Project Managers should take this course shortly.

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