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Here you can find ideas from thought leaders, articles, case studies as well as tips & tricks related to eLearning.

When done properly it incorporates adult learning theory and sound instructional design methods. At the same time, keeping the audience in mind and presenting learning style that fits.

Because eLearning development is a process, we can inspect the sub-processes. We focus on a few areas; Key Concepts, Best Practices, Technology, Solutions that Work, eLearning Trends.

Most recent eLearning Posts

online learning gift

Online Learning Benefits

Online learning provides an efficient and productive way to train. This goes for everyone from new hires to seasoned executives.

Learning Program

Learning Program

A learning program drives business results for the leadership team and provides acceleration adoption of process and strategies.

learning needs analysis

Learning Needs Analysis

Learning Needs Analysis helps identify and evaluate gaps between current and desired states of your team’s knowledge, skills, and abilities.

technology assistance

Technology Assistance

Synergistx provides technology assistance to a wide range of companies. Here we look at questions you should be asking any LMS vendor.

prescriptive performance model

Prescriptive Performance Model

You expect fast, predictable, and effective results. As you should! With this in mind, Synergistx has skillfully created, tested and formalized our prescriptive performance model.

elearning development

eLearning Development

The Synergistx eLearning development team creates world-class products while driving bottom-line results.

learning solutions

Learning Solutions

A large retailer needed a strategic partner to develop comprehensive learning solutions for their Point of Sale (POS) system.