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avoiding isolation

Avoiding Isolation

As this quarantine continues, avoiding isolation is necessary. We have new work-from-home routines and community looks different.

stress during covid 19

Hijacking Stress during COVID-19

Stress during COVID-19 is unavoidable. When sweeping disruption, such as a world pandemic, changes almost everything about the way we live, how do we best cope with the inevitable stress the circumstances bring?

the ooda loop

The OODA Loop: A Proven Decision-Making Strategy

The OODA Loop focuses on filtering available information and data, putting it into context, and making appropriate decisions – all while acknowledging decisions are dynamic and may need adjusting as additional data impacts the situation.

dealing with anger

Dealing with Anger during COVID-19

During these uncertain times, anger can easily become our initial reaction to the challenges we face with COVID-19. That being said, dealing with anger is a skill we can grow.

client appreciation

Client Appreciation

Client appreciation: Here are a few ways to show clients and customers you and your company appreciate them for the holidays.


Optimism: Get A Boost

Optimism is needed for the holidays. It makes many of us willingly extend extra effort to focus outward and increase cheer.