Guidelines: Tips for Online Meetings – Part 2

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It is important to adequately prepare before a meeting as well as follow these guidelines / tips for online meetings.

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Tips for Effective Online Meetings and Webinars


It is important to adequately prepare before a meeting as well as follow these guidelines during your meeting.


Tips for Effective Online Meetings and Webinars Part 2

It is important to adequately prepare before a meeting as well as follow these guidelines.

During your meeting

Start on Time

It is extremely important to start your online meeting at the scheduled time. In the event of an unexpected delay, notify all meeting participants of delay and updated start time. Once your meeting begins, establish the ground rules and communicate your purpose and plan for the call.

Participants should mute their phones and/or computer microphones in order to reduce distracting background noises. Just remember to allow time for participants to unmute when asking questions. Prior to the meeting, it might be a good idea to ask a participant to take notes so nothing is missed during your facilitation.

Stick to the Plan

Follow your plan to avoid unnecessary rambling and to field off-topic comments. Maintain the purpose of the webinar and keep track of time.

Announce the Discussion and Question-Asking Process

At the beginning of the meeting, announce your processes for fielding questions and monitoring discussion to eliminate interruption during the meeting so all meeting participants know what to expect.

Be Clear and Concise When Speaking

When presenting, slow down your speech and enunciate well. Remember, if you are using an on-screen presentation, your audience may not be able to see you and the presentation  simultaneously and must rely on the clarity of your spoken word.

After the meeting:

Conduct a Self-Debrief

Personally assess the presentation, noting both what went well and what needs improvement. Brainstorm ways to improve for smoother future presentations.

Solicit feedback.

For team meetings, ask participants for their feedback if appropriate. Process suggestions and do your best to implement them into the next meeting.

For client meetings, follow-up with an email, outlining topics that were covered and decisions that were made.

When done properly and with mindful preparation, conducting online meetings can be a very effective way to keep in touch and communicate with both your team and clients.

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