Coping with Quarantine

In this unprecedented time, when life as we knew it has completely shifted, coping with quarantine is a critical life skill.

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Coping with Quarantine: Tips from SAMHSA

Here are a few practical ways to cope as well as relax.


Coping with Quarantine – Coping and Relaxing Tips from SAMHSA

This is an unprecedented time. Life as we knew it has completely shifted to a new normal. Both social distancing and staying at home leaves many of us are feeling more fatigue and greater stress than we did before. This is the case even though most of us are doing much less physically and going to far fewer places.

Isolation and change, among a number of other factors, take their tolls. Therefore, we must counter with intentional ways to relax and manage stress well.

Rather than trying to numb or deny the emotions uncertainty raises, we can instead choose to recognize and respond to them with intention now before they become a bigger problem later.

Here are a few practical ways to cope and relax.

Incorporate short periods of deliberate relaxation to reduce anxiety.

Methods may look different for everyone but options include deep breathing techniques, stretching, meditating/praying, leisure walks, etc. Purposeful relaxation, in addition to a variety of easy exercises can quickly offset growing tension and reenergize focus.

Interrupt the stressful routine of necessary responsibility with fun, refreshing breaks.
Pace productivity while scattering enjoyable activities (preferably outdoors) in between.

Voice your thoughts and feelings with friends or family. Your experience matters.

We may be facing the same set of circumstances, yet our perspective and reaction to what happens around us can be very different. Talking with others invites comradery and community, which can be very helpful in alleviating the exhausting weight of isolation.

Maintain a positive outlook by noticing what is going well.

Consider jotting down your specific thoughts in a notebook or journal. We can always hope. Keeping track of what we appreciate often undermines mounting apprehension.

These practical methods, adapted by SAMHSA, offer helpful options for responding with internal resilience to the external uncertainty around us.

We hope this quick course will assist you in coping with quarantine. Explore our website for additional quick courses you may find helpful.

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