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Five Ways to Show Client Appreciation

Clients are the heart of a company. Without clients, a company does not exist. Failing to extend intentional client appreciation can be a fatal mistake. In a world of globalization, the same product or service is available from any number of different vendors. The iPhone, for example, is sold by nearly 100 different companies in the US alone. We live in a society full of options and endless choices. It is imperative to know what makes your clients return to you with their business.

How you treat your clients is what determines whether they return and what type of reviews they give. Your company’s customer service is what sets you apart from your competitors. Thus, showing your appreciation is vitally important. But how do you competitively do this in the marketplace?

Here are five effective ways to show your clients you appreciate them this season:

  1. Deliver a delicious treat.

Whether it be pie, cookies, bread, chocolate, cake, or fruit, sending a thoughtful, delicious treat to your clients is a great way to show your appreciation. Investing a little extra time and money in your clients is a small sacrifice compared to what they contribute by giving you their business. Even better, spare a person or two to personally deliver the gift. Moreover, this becomes a fun activity and break in routine for a few of your employees. If time is limited, companies such as Edible Arrangements, Nothing Bundt Cakes, and various other bakeries will deliver for you.

  1. Send a hand-written note.

The art of handwriting notes is quickly fading in our society. Nonetheless, intrinsic value is attributed to someone taking the time to sit down and actually write a letter. In reality, it takes less time than we think it will. Writing a brief, but gracious, letter only takes an average of 1 to 2 minutes. Especially if you have good handwriting, a hand-written note can be one of the best ways to show your client appreciation during this holiday season.

  1. Give away items of company merchandise.

If your company has branded merchandise, select one or two items to place in a nice box and deliver to a client; but always remember to abide strictly by corporate policies. If your company does not have branded merchandise, it may be worth the investment. Pens, highlighters, jotters, or notebooks are the best options because your clients can use them; and, besides practicality, branded gifts become marketing for your company as well.

  1. Offer a discount for the amount of years a client has been in business with your company.

Offering discounts is a monetary way to show clients you appreciate them. It need not be much, but this kind of recognition shows your clients you realize the value of their choice as well as monetary assets for your services. You may not have the budget to offer more than a small discount, so offering a discount in a multiple equivalent to the amount of years a company has been in business with you – i.e. 5% for five years – is a clever way to accomplish this.

  1. Support a cause in the client’s name.

Finally, donating a certain amount of money to a cause or charity in a client’s name is another great way to show client appreciation. This means of showing appreciation is one that requires a little more effort on your part, although its benefits have more far-reaching value than those previously mentioned. In this case, researching the company and its leadership will help you find a cause or charity that is important to both the client company as well as to yours.

These are just a few ways to show clients and customers you and your company appreciate them. Without them, your business, or any business for that matter, would not survive. So, do not hesitate to show your clients you are thankful for them this holiday season.

Do you still have questions about client appreciation, and how it can help?