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reduce stress

Seasonal Stress Reduction Techniques

  • Synergistx Synergistx

Use these four tips to alleviate unnecessary stress this holiday season, and mentally prepare for all of the the upcoming events.

retail market

Retail Market: A Perpetual Moving Target

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Succeeding in the retail market requires identifying appropriate uses of technology and common challenges that keep the target moving.

leadership marketing

Leadership and the Lady Chip, Tone-deaf or Brilliant

  • Synergistx Synergistx

Recently, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi outlined central components for managing crisis in her 2013 address on navigating leadership through turbulence. Was this planned?

leadership development

Defining Leadership Development

  • Synergistx Synergistx

Although leadership development includes training, leadership development is an iterative process. Process is key.

onboarding program

Onboarding Program

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In designing a program that created opportunities for personal growth and career advancement, Synergistx developed an onboarding roadmap to orientate new associates to all retail departments within the organization.

adult learners

Adult Learners

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Features of eLearning and training present different sets of challenges when it comes to adult learning. Understandably, adult learning is unique.

software migration

Software Migration

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The software migration was a success! Training services seamlessly met the stated software migration goals supporting continued success agency-wide.

process mapping

Enterprise Process Mapping

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We often take for granted the small things that make our company successful. Make use of process mapping to avoid this pitfall.