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We define EQ as an one’s ability to recognize emotions in both themselves and others.

Can identify different feelings and appropriately label them? Doing so provides insight into thinking and behavior. It is helpful in the decision-making process. Additionally, managing emotions properly helps you adapt to environments and relate to others.

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Self-Awareness: The Art of Knowing Yourself

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From long ago we have been searching for what we now call self-awareness. Socrates, the Greek philosopher, famously stated, “Know thyself.”

client appreciation

Client Appreciation

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Client appreciation: Here are a few ways to show clients and customers you and your company appreciate them for the holidays.


Optimism: Get A Boost

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Optimism is needed for the holidays. It makes many of us willingly extend extra effort to focus outward and increase cheer.

conversation skills

Conversation / Communication Skills Tips

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Awareness of how others interpret what we communicate helps convey any message authentically and prove our investment in the conversation.

coworker gratitude

Coworker Gratitude Pays Dividends

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Coworker gratitude can go a long way during the holiday season. Cut the tensions of impending year-end deadlines early and often.