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A strategic partner…

I had the pleasure of working with Tim while I was leading the Learning Systems Group at Children’s Medical Center. Tim was an extremely effective leader. Providing us with both the human capital and qualified resources to implement all Epic Implementations. He is a strong leader and strategic partner. And always acts as an advocate for the team. All of the human resources Tim provided appeared engaged and motivated to support the business needs. In effect, this demonstrated that the screening process was exceptional. Tim has provided ongoing leadership and guidance to me over the past and continues to be a leader in the Epic and Learning & Development space.

Children’s Medical Center Dallas – CIO

About Children’s Medical Center Dallas

  • Reports indicate that it encountered more than 450,000 patients in 2014
  • Their website indicates that they receive more than 360,000 patient visits each year
  • It is the 7th largest pediatric hospital in the country
  • As of the most recent reporting, capacity is 487 licensed beds in the main hospital
  • Additionally more than 50 outpatient specialty centers are available
  • Their facilities host more than 50 pediatric specialties
  • It holds the highest level of trauma care center (Level 1) in North Texas