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Datumms is a support resource, designed to assist providers. In brief, it is for quick, simple, and personalized online assistance within EHR systems. 

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Company Overview

Operating under the same ownership and management since 2002, Synergistx specializes in providing executive leadership, learning strategy, day-to-day management services for EHR implementations, and post go-live physician support. Synergistx has over 18 years of experience in the healthcare training industry with targeted emphasis on EHR implementations. Clients assert that Synergistx is an expert in technology adoption!


Is your organization suffering from physician/provider burn-out, lower production performance, delays in billing due to chart corrections, user frustration, lack of system confidence, employee turnover…resulting in poor patient outcomes?


Datumms™ is a powerful physician support resource. It is designed to assist providers searching for quick, simple, and personalized online assistance within the EHR system – all at the point of care, at the point of need.

The Datumms™ Difference!

Each micro-learning event is 15-60 seconds in duration, customized to your unique install, and available on any mobile device. Delivery of instruction does not require a VPN connection or the need to log out of your EHR system, making it simple for physicians in demand. Learning is indexed by specialty and functionality for quick access without the need to complete a course! Use it for new and existing workflows. This solution is a fully managed service offering that eliminates the need for internal interruptions or delays in application. Schedule a Datumms™ demo today and transform learning within your organization!

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