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solo cirrus lms

Maximize employee performance by utilizing SOLO Cirrus LMS, our award-winning learning management system.

SOLO Cirrus empowers users to register for instructor-led events, on-line courses, webinars, as well as on-line resources.

Our software system provides access to resources, and both standard online courses and custom course offerings. Additionally, all of these may reside within a preassigned Learning Path. Furthermore, users may access this content at anytime and anywhere a web access point exists. Learning Paths focus the user on learning events specifically related to their daily job functions. As a result, you can manage, plan, and deliver all learning events within your organization from one source.
solo cirrrus lms


By utilizing Cirrus LMS, we will provide your organization the conduit to host e-learning and instructor-led courses while managing components internally or externally. Employees are able to access new training by following their prescribed “learning path” which boosts performance and optimizes efficiency


  • Construct a comprehensive learning path for employee development.
  • Establish skill levels utilizing time-saving self-assessments.
  • Manage enrollments, confirmations, cancellations, announcements, facilities, instructors and more.
  • Record test scores and monitor progress.
  • Track certifications, allowing internal, external or third-party certification awards.
  • Monitor certification renewal start and end dates.
  • Deliver e-mail notifications for expiring certifications.
  • Create custom quizzes with multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, essay and true-false questions.
  • View transcripts.
  • Integration with third- party applications like DimDim and WebEx.
  • Web protocol support for clients to build custom applications and portals.
  • SQL Reporting service will be used for creating 100+ standard reports.
  • Create Ad hoc surveys.
  • Create polls.
  • Unlimited custom fields for students.
  • Dynamic HR/Bridge creation.
  • Students will be able to have multiple learning group assignments.
  • Assignment of classes at the organization level.
  • Assign learning to students directly without assigning the learning to a learning group.
  • Create class campaign to monitor a group of class completions over a timeframe.
  • Great for tracking compliance training.
  • ASP.NET AJAX is being used to allow for quickly creating more efficient, more interactive and highly-personalized Web experiences that work across all of the most popular browsers.


SOLO Cirrus LMS can integrate to your HRIS system, provide NT Authentication, as well as export data. Equally important, you can upload your SCORM or AICC compliant content, and SOLO Cirrus LMS can provide you the ability to utilize, manage, maintain, and store learning information. With more than 30 standardized administrative reports, SOLO Cirrus LMS is developed in the latest Microsoft technology. Further, the optional report writer allows for customized reporting.


Our network operations center monitors, identifies, and solves any type LMS irregularities, as well as manages requests for LMS customizations.  Both experienced architects and engineers are at your service to provide assistance for our LMS services.

Request a demo to learn more about the benefits of Solo Cirrus LMS.

  • Conserve your training budget with increased training efficiencies.
  • Accelerate the process of new hire training.
  • Provide employees with a development plan to drive both performance and opportunity for the individual and your organization.
  • Encourage employee growth within your organization.
  • Drive enhanced end user adoption.
  • SAAS (Software as a Service) Model eases IT department strain.


Do you still have questions about the benefits of SOLO Cirrus LMS?