Millennials to Management

At the present time, millennials are the upcoming leaders. This course, Millennials to Management, is for new managers and team leaders. It helps them understand best practices related to general management duties. Further, you will learn to adopt the best practices for a winning management style and to build an effective team.

At first labeled Generation Y. Then called Echo Boomers. While they may go by different names, there’s no debate about their effect on business. Furthermore, they are the fastest growing segment of your employee population. They’ve trained to use their heads more than their hands to solve problems.  Consequently, it will take a new set of leadership skills to understand their perspective and motivate them to succeed.

Millennials to Management Workshop Objectives

In this course, you will gain an understanding of the millennial knowledge worker and learn millennial motivational issues:

  • Implement proactive strategies. Ones that specifically address the Millennials’ motivational need for increased flexibility and work/life balance.
  • Provide Millennials with multidimensional growth opportunities that meet both their and the organization’s intellectual capital needs.
  • Expand workplace fun and social interaction opportunities in order to motivate Millennials.
  • Address the Millennials’ need to make contributions to their workplace and society. While also recognizing their effect.
  • Establish and sustain effective communication as a shared responsibility of Millennial and manager.
  • Identify those unique generational factors that influence the importance of recognition, reward, and respect as Millennial motivators.
  • Maximize Millennials’ unique learning preferences with technology-mediated learning methods.
  • Employ strategies that provide financial reward for knowledge and then move beyond the traditional concept of a performance appraisal.

What People Currently Say About the Workshop

Following the workshop, I document by maintaining a journal. Additionally, I learned about what it takes to create a High Performance Team and seeing the big picture. That is to say, building a team and not working as an individual.

To begin with, I am more aware of my interactions. I also now focus on getting around to visit with everyone on my team.

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