Leadership Essentials Workshop II

The leadership essentials II workshop helps leaders to understand the relational aspect of effectively leading a team overall.  Leading well involves intentionality in your interaction with employees, providing support as well as opportunities that challenge.

One key to creating a positive workplace culture is being supportive, while another is setting an example for your team. In order to succeed, encourage and promote healthy and productive relationships throughout the organization. With this in mind, our workshop promotes these critical tasks.

Leadership Essentials Workshop II Outline

LESSON 1: Building Relationships
  • Managing Overall Workplace Culture
LESSON 2: Working With Everyone
  • Dealing with Challenges: Reframing
  • Utilizing Talent Specifically
  • Awareness Coupled With Engagement
  • Promoting Accountability Together with Feedback
  • Leading Multiple Generations
LESSON 3: Coaching
  • Coaching in Contrast with Mentoring
  • Critical Coaching Skills
  • Knowing the Benefits, as Well as the Consequences Matrix
  • Understanding the Coaching Model
  • Change Management
  • Knowing Your Long-Term Role
LESSON 4: Influencing Others
  • Presenting Both Your Best and Authentic Self
  • Inspiring Excellence

What People Currently Say About the Workshop

Listening more than I have in the past and making a conscious effort to build relationships. My direct reports finally seems to be opening up more.

The call-ins were very helpful and kept me both on track and on a timeline. It keeps me on a schedule and also mindful of what is taking place.

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