In order to meet your needs, we custom design our consulting services. Synergistx partners with your organization in order to drive performance and opportunity. To begin with, a proper analysis is conducted to understand the current situation. Then our learning and development experts work to build a custom solution that meets your needs. We provide insight and cost-effective tools so that you can use your capital where you need it most… to drive your business.

Our consulting capabilities include the following:

  • EHR Implementations and Support
  • Progression and succession planning
  • Process improvement
  • Change management
  • Leadership development
  • Onboarding programs
  • Organizational alignment
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses Opportunities, Threats) analysis
  • Strategic planning

Process Management Consulting: Creating the Most Efficient Workflow

This is for companies looking to increase efficiency and reduce costs while preserving resources. We work closely with you to create a plan for effective workflow throughout all departments overall.

Our consultants help improve how your entire organization functions, through concepts such as:
  • Assessing the current situation
  • Identifying steps needed for proper workflow
  • Creating new process models
  • Implementing new process models
  • Managing workflows
  • Automating the new processes