BlueEQ Mastery Workshop

This one-day BlueEQ mastery workshop is both highly interactive and a discovery-based learning experience. In brief, the goal of this workshop is to enhance your team’s emotional intelligence. Equally important, your team learns how to use EQ properly within the workplace.

The workshop incorporates learning map methodology, peer coaching, videos, and also intensive skill-building exercises.

Studies find that psychologically safe workplaces benefit both individuals and the organization as a whole. Because of this, EQ in general and psychological safety specifically are important. For this reason, within the workshop, we provide the tools needed to develop a psychologically safe culture within your organization.

While in the workshop, participants focus on a few key areas. Such as measurement of the five EQ skills, and strategies to create sustainable change. In effect, by building EQ skills, you increase the team’s trust level – a crucial part of psychological safety.

Later in the workshop, based on BlueEQ’s i4P™ five-step process, participants complete a 30-90 day personal development plan. Specifically, this plan focuses on three self selected emotional intelligence dimensions.

BlueEQ Mastery Workshop Outline

LESSON 1: Why Emotional Intelligence
  • Defining EQ: Instruction Card 1
  • i4P™ Step 1: Interpret Your Results in Detail
  • Career Impact in Particular: Instruction Card
  • Business Impact Overall: Instruction Card 3
  • Brand Keepers & Breakers: Instruction Card 4
LESSON 2: Creating Psychological Safety
  • Instruction Card 5
  • Videos as well as Debrief
LESSON 3: Building the Five Skills
  • i4P™ Step 2: Prioritize
  • Speed Feed Exercise: Instruction Card
  • Yellow Card Exercise: Instruction Card
  • The Eight Emotions Exercise: Instruction Card
  • The Four Connecting Anchors: Instruction Card
  • i4P™ Step 3: Plan
LESSON 4: Creating Sustainable Behavioral Change
LESSON 5: I4P™ Steps 4-5
  • Intro: Muscle Memory coupled with Peer Coaching
  • i4P™ Step 4: Practice
  • i4P™ Step 5: Prove

What People are Saying About the Workshop

My level of empathy has expanded, additionally I have a broader scope of engagement with employees.

We could apply the concepts quickly, also they were applicable to our business and operations.

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